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About Us

Dapper Bartenders provides you and your guests an exceptional bar experience at the comfort and convenience of your own event. We are a licensed and insured company that is focused on our customers' needs and wants to ensure that your vision is carried out. 



Our Staff: We will ensure every trip you make to the bar is an excellent experience. Our staff is not only friendly and respectful, we are also personable, responsible and fun!

Money Mindful: Planning for any event can be costly. We aim to create a drink menu that will save you the most money while still providing you and your guests a wide selection of cocktails, beer, and wine!

We Dress To Impress: No more of the boring, typical, black-on-black dress code! Our DAPPER bartenders will add another level of class and elevate the bar experience!


Timeless Equipment: Our bars are modern, sturdy, and will match any theme! Every detail is coordinated to complement your event with our added flair!

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